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“The Real Estate and Financing Crystal Ball: Predictions For...” - Sponsored by Parkland Reserve


Top South Florida Real Estate Agents Discuss Future of Real Estate and the Economy

PARKLAND, FL -- The Broward Master Brokers Forum (MBF), an organization comprised of South Florida’s top residential real estate agents, recently held a panel discussion entitled “The Real Estate and Financing Crystal Ball: Predictions For Tomorrow We Can Use Today”. This event was hosted and sponsored by Parkland Reserve, an extraordinary new community from Centerline Homes.

Master Brokers were greeted at the Parkland Reserve sales center and treated to cocktails and delicious hors d’oeuvres. After a cocktail reception complete with music, networking, and introductions to the new community, members made their way to the tented dining area. Phil Keagy, Broward MBF vice chair, welcomed the members with a fun and interactive question-and-answer session, in an informal “game show” format. Master Brokers were asked technical and historical questions relating to the business of real estate, and awarded prizes for correct answers.

Carolyn Block Ellert, Broward MBF chair, began the program by thanking the guests and sponsors for their participation, and turned the program over to Helen Jeanne Nicastri, founder and chair of MBF, Inc. Nicastri gave a brief history of the MBF, and introduced Deb Marton, vice president of sales for Centerline Homes, and Jeff Auchtor, the company’s vice president of marketing, for a presentation about Parkland Reserve and its unique opportunities for buyers and agents.
Nicastri then moderated a lively and interactive panel discussion featuring Andrew Britton, senior vice president of Investments for Wachovia Securities; Rich Campanella, president of The Campanella Group/Wachovia Mortgage; and Kenneth R. Trepeta, director of Real Estate Services for the National Association of Realtors.

“Our members were given a remarkable amount of useful information from this panel of brilliant experts in their respective fields.” said Carolyn Block Ellert, chair of the Broward MBF. “While no one can be sure what the future holds in the current economic climate, this discussion will help us make better decisions for ourselves and our clients. We thank all of the panelists and the team at Centerline Homes for making it a spectacular event.”

Andrew Britton, Wachovia Securities; Phil Keagy, Broward MBF; Carolyn Block Ellert, Broward MBF, Kenneth R. Trepeta, National Association of Realtors; Deb Marton, Centerline Homes; Rich Campanella, The Campanella Group/Wachovia Mortgage; Helen Jeanne Nicastri, MBF, Inc.; and Jeff Auchtor, Centerline Homes

Nadine Pillinger, Kathy Udvarhley, and Tony Huang

Broward MBF board members Michael Briche and Liz Caldwell